Fishing Vessel Taxonomy

This page lists the taxonomies that complement the Fishing Vessel ontology of DG MARE.

You can download here the taxonomies in RDF.



Follows the aggregation of Fishing Activity at various levels (FT_LVL) for some of the regions. In the Appendix IV of the 2008/949/EC is reported the complete schema by regions.

+ skos:hasTopConcept

  1. DRB
    skos:prefLabel  "Dredges - Boat dredges"@en
  2. DRH
    skos:prefLabel  "Dredges - Hand dredges"@en
  3. FPO
    skos:prefLabel  "Traps - Pots"@en
  4. GNC
    skos:prefLabel  "Gillnets and entangling nets - Encircling gillnets"@en
  5. GND
    skos:prefLabel  "Gillnets and entangling nets - Driftnets"@en
  6. GNS
    skos:prefLabel  "Gillnets and entangling nets - Set gillnets (anchored)"@en
  7. GTN
    skos:prefLabel  "Gillnets and entangling nets - Combined gillnets-trammel nets"@en
  8. GTR
    skos:prefLabel  "Gillnets and entangling nets - Trammel nets"@en
  9. HMD
    skos:prefLabel  "Harvesting Machines - Mechanized dredges"@en
  10. LA
    skos:prefLabel  "Surronding nets - Without purse lines (lampara)"@en
  11. LHM
    skos:prefLabel  "Hooks and lines - Handlines and pole-lines (mechanized)"@en
  12. LHP
    skos:prefLabel  "Hook and lines - Handlines and pole-lines (hand-operated)"@en
  13. LLD
    skos:prefLabel  "Hooks and lines - Drifting longlines"@en
  14. LLS
    skos:prefLabel  "Hooks and lines - Set longlines"@en
  15. LNB
    skos:prefLabel  "Lift nets - Boat-operated lift nets"@en
  16. LNS
    skos:prefLabel  "Lift nets - Shore-operated stationary lift nets"@en
  17. LTL
    skos:prefLabel  "Hooks and lines - Trolling lines"@en
  18. NK
    skos:prefLabel  "Gear not known or not specified"@en
  19. OTB
    skos:prefLabel  "Bottom trawls - otter trawls"@en
  20. OTM
    skos:prefLabel  "Midwater trawls - otter trawls"@en
  21. OTT
    skos:prefLabel  "Trawls - Otter twin trawls"@en
  22. PS
    skos:prefLabel  "Surronding nets - With purse lines (purse seines)"@en
  23. PTB
    skos:prefLabel  "Bottom trawls - pair trawls"@en
  24. PTM
    skos:prefLabel  "Midwater trawls - pair trawls"@en
  25. SB
    skos:prefLabel  "Beach seines"@en
  26. SDN
    skos:prefLabel  "Seine nets - Danish seines"@en
  27. SPR
    skos:prefLabel  "Seine nets - pair seines"@en
  28. SSC
    skos:prefLabel  "Seine nets - Scottish seines"@en
  29. TBB
    skos:prefLabel  "Bottom trawls - beam trawls"@en